Frequently Asked Questions

Zimmer’s NexGen Knee System

What is the NexGen Knee System?

The NexGen Knee System refers to a large product family of knee replacement implants and instrumentation that constitute the most widely used and best performing knees in the world. Since the system’s introduction in 1994, a number of NexGen products have been introduced to meet different patient needs and surgical philosophies. The NexGen family includes cruciate-retaining (CR), posterior-stabilized (LPS) and mobile-bearing systems.

How many surgeons worldwide have used Zimmer’s NexGen Knee products?

Each year, nearly 1 in every 4 knee replacements performed in the United States utilizes a NexGen Knee product. Zimmer’s NexGen System is the world’s most trusted, widely used and clinically proven knee system with more than four million implanted worldwide since 1994 and 1.45 million implanted in the United States.

Is the Zimmer NexGen Knee System proven?

Yes. In numerous clinical studies and in well-known national joint replacement registries (databases which track clinical outcomes) Zimmer’s NexGen products have consistently demonstrated among the highest survivorship rates of all knee replacements.

I’ve seen advertisements that claim 36% of NexGen knees are loose and 9% have failed. Is that true?

No. It is false. Those lawyer advertisements wrongly lead consumers to believe that NexGen products are defective. In reality, those numbers come from one isolated report of two doctors’ experience with their 108 patients – a tiny fraction of the thousands of NexGen patients – and involved only a single component, the CR-Flex Porous Femoral Component, used in less than 4% of all cases. Broader data shows that the component in reality has among the lowest failure rates for that product type – less than 1%.

Zimmer rigorously monitors the performance of each and every product in the market to ensure that our products, including NexGen devices, continue to be the best in the industry. The truth is that the NexGen knee replacement system is the most clinically proven and trusted knee replacement system in the world. It is chosen by more surgeons for their patients, every day, than any other knee replacement system in the world.

What clinical data is available for the NexGen CR-Flex Porous System?

In clinical studies and national joint replacement registries that track the performance of products in large populations, Zimmer’s NexGen CR-Flex Porous products consistently demonstrate among the highest survivorship rates and among the lowest revision rates of all major cementless knee replacement systems.

How do I know if I have a NexGen Knee?

If you are the recipient of a joint replacement, you will have a product label identifying the product type and lot number of your implant. Your surgeon’s office or hospital will be able to help you locate your product label.

What can go wrong with my knee replacement?

By selecting an implant system that is best suited to your anatomy, physical activity, and lifestyle situation, your doctor can limit the risk of complications from joint replacement surgery. However, a joint replacement may need to be replaced, or “revised”, for a number of reasons, which include infection, loosening of the implant, dislocation, failure to follow rehabilitation guidelines and activity limits, or surgical technique. If you are experiencing pain more than three months after surgery we encourage you to consult your orthopedic surgeon. Visit the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) website for more information. Visit the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) website for more information.

Zimmer’s Legal Action

What legal action did Zimmer file?

Zimmer filed a complaint in the United States District Court in Northern Indiana challenging the claims of certain plaintiff attorneys that the NexGen Knee System is defective and has a high failure rate.

What was Zimmer seeking in its legal proceedings?

Among other things, Zimmer sought to stop the attorneys from making misleading claims about the performance of Zimmer products. Zimmer acted to correct the record on behalf of surgeons and patients who have used and continue to use our NexGen Knee products.

What was the result of  Zimmer’s action?

Each plaintiffs’ law firm Zimmer sued has stopped its misleading advertising and settled, including payment of a settlement to Zimmer, issuance of a retraction, or both.

Important Information:

When you have severe knee pain or significant disability resulting from arthritis or injury, your orthopaedic specialist can help you determine if and when it is time for knee replacement surgery. As with every surgical procedure, there are risks and potential for complications. Individual results may vary. Success depends on factors such as age, weight, and activity level. More